Which French cities, in 2019, offer financial incentives for the purchase of cargo bikes?

If you are thinking to turn green with an electric cargo bike, now it is the right time, if you live in France. If you live in Europe, you can check here our article where we have listed the European cities that offer incentives for the purchase of cargo bikes.

A huge number of cities is offering incentives for the purchase of an electric assisted cargo bike.

For both professional and personal use, cities have understood the importance of the eco-mobility. They know that the freight bike is the link with the mobility of the future.

More and more French cities decided to put in place incentives for whoever decides to buy a freight bike with electric assistance. These subventions change from city to city, that’s why, we made a list in order to get a clear vision of the different amounts.


Since the 1st of January 2018 in order to fight against the pollution, the city of Paris decided to offer a subvention for both professional and private use to up to 1200€ before taxes.

What is important to know is that the offer is available for long term rent on a minimum engagement of 24 months. And, on top of that, depending on the company profile, but each company is allowed to up to 5 subventions for both purchase and rent of a delivery cargo bike.

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Grenoble ranks second in the hexagon for the amount of the subvention, right after Paris. The city offers you 1000€ if you purchase an electric cargo bike.

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Nantes Metropole

On the other hand, Nantes still have a good subvention, even though is not at the same level as Paris and Grenoble. The incentive covers the 25% of the delivery bike’s price with a limit of 300€. If you’re a professional, it reaches the 400€.

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The Lyon metropole have a recent subvention, available since February 2019.

With a total amount of 300€, every company has the right to up 3 vehicles.

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La Roche sur Yon

The agglomeration of the city will cover the 15% of the cargo bike’s price for a maximum of 150€

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The city of Caen offers an incentive of 300€. However, is good to know that this amount can increase depending on the family revenues.

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Bordeaux metropole

For all the metropole residents, the existing subventions reaches the amount of 100€ for a box bike.

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If you live in the Mérignac municipality is your lucky day. Because on top of the Bordeaux subvention, you can add 100€ from the city of Mérignac reaching 200€.

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The department of Bouches-du-Rhône is part of the list as well. Offering a subvention of up to 25% of the amount with the limit at 400€ for your box bike.

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The principality of Monaco is surpassing the Bouches-du-Rhône, reimbursing 30% of the price after taxes. But both have the same upper limit of 400 €.

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Pays Basque-Adour

The citizens of the Basque country too have the right to a subvention. This latter covers the 25% of the price after taxes, for a total of 300 €.

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The Alsatian region capital, is not lagging behind. And for the purchase of a cargo bike offers a subvention of 200€.

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We close the list with the southern city of Perpignan, that gives a reasonable subvention of 100€ for whoever wants to buy a bike box.

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