Last mile delivery with cargo bikes, the best asset for your local business

Set up an eco-friendly delivery service with a cargo bike, and develop your eco-attitude

Whether you are a grocery store, a florist, a baker, a laundry shop or any other local business, a delivery cargo bike is the solution that has it all.

livraison en triporteur

What is a delivery cargo bike?

triporteur Yokler U pour la livraison de marchandise
Modèle : Yokler série U

A delivery cargo bike ( also called a freight bike, a box bike or a delivery tricycle) is a three-wheeled cycle equipped with an electric assistance to avoid any effort for the driver.

 It is mainly aimed at local shops, but also at courier companies for their last mile deliveries. The biggest versions allow to load up to 150 kg at an average speed of 20 km/h, at the same time they enhance your visibility in your neighborhood.

The heavy duty cargo bike with the highest loading capacity

  • Up to 8 standard delivery boxes can be loaded in the 1m3 secured rear trunk of the Yokler U cargo bike
  • Up to 150kg loading capacity
    (+ driver weight, or 250 kg including the driver)
  • Effortless thanks to the powerful electric assistance
  • Unlimited autonomy thanks to the removable and easy-to-plug battery system
livraison en triporteur
livraison en triporteur

The most maneuverable cargo bike in the market !

  • So easy 🙂 Only few minutes needed in order to reach full driving ability

  • No driving licence required

  • It literally sneaks everywhere :
    • bicycle lanes,
    • pedestrian areas,
    • … and of course all standard roads 🙂

So easy to park !

  • Park your Yokler U cargo bike in front of your door, it will attract customers inside your shop like a real magnet
  • Deliver your customer's errands right to their front door, without obstructing or risking any fine.
  • At night, simply park your cargo bike inside your shop thanks to its ultra-compact size. 
    (Height 1m87, Width 1m10, Long 2m50)
livraison en triporteur
livraison en triporteur

Tons of savings and zero CO2 emissions thanks to your Yokler U cargo bike

  • No fuel
  • No insurance needed
  • No costly parking issues
  • No fine risk
  • Your best local advertisement

Discover why these brands are Yokler U cargo bike fans

logo casino

Cargo bikes perfectly match our local shop brand identity. They enable to deliver fast without minding any parking or accessibility issues.

logo carrefour

I have been using a Yokler U cargo bike for more than a year for my last mile deliveries. When not in use, I simply park it in front of my shop and it became my advertisement tool in my neighborhood.

logo franprix

We took our customers' experience to next level thanks to our cargo bike delivery service.

Elderly people in particular cannot stop using it because it makes their life so much easier.


6 reasons to equip your local shop with a delivery cargo bike

A brand new delivery service that your customers are expecting

95% of citizens ranks the home delivery in the top 5 of the services they expect from a local shop. The Yokler U cargo bike is the best solution to answer this expectations thanks to its huge rear trunk that allows to transport up to 10 medium size boxes of 15kg

A cargo bike for deliveries is ultra competitive

No need of fuel or insurance, with an electric cargo bike, you have no extra expenses.

Everyone will notice your cargo bike

Parked in front of your shop, your freight bike is the best advert for your eco-attitude.
While riding, i twill act like a great advertisement display for your shop in the delivery area.
Thanks to its customizable panels, your cargo bike will be a display for your promotions depending on the season.

The Cargo bike is so easy to use !

Unlike a van, driving a cargo bike doesn’t require any driving license. Driving a box bike, is effortless thanks to its powerful engine.

The e-cargo bike are truly environmentally-friendly !

It’s useful to remember that if you replace your van with an electric delivery box bike you avoid the emission of 1 ton of CO2 per year.

The cargo bike is the fastest delivery tool

The biggest advantage of the tricycle is that it sneaks everywhere ! On the road it takes all the advantages of a bike when it comes to the parking, roads accessibility, driving or insurance.
With a cargo bike, you can go everywhere a bike is allowed to : cycle paths, pedestrian areas, parks… no more traffic jam! You can deliver right in front of your customer's door.

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