The ideal cargo bike, a matter of size

The size is an important setting to consider while choosing which cargo bike to buy.

In fact, you have to consider the total length of the tricycle. As well as its width, its height, and its internal size.

The shorter and the tighter the box bike is, and the easier it will be to drive it. Its compact size makes it easy to park it in the street, in an underground parking lot or even inside a shop.

And that’s not all, the freight bike’s box dimensions, need to be the biggest possible. By doing so they allow to place an important quantity of goods. They must be efficient, in order to gain space. For example, round walls or a not perfect flat floor will incur in a loss of space.

Some freight bikes can reach a lenght up to 3m30, that makes them really difficult to drive. Some cargo bikes, have front boxes so big and badly designed that they harm the driver visibility.

When charged some tricycles are really difficult to drive and may incur in accidents. Even with a payload of more than 100kg, it’s almost impossible to drive them safely and without risking accidents.

What’s the right size for a cargo bike?

The Yokler U it’s a highly efficient box bike, designed to offer the best to our users.

Our cargo bike has a super compact format of only 2.50 m length (only 70 cm more than a standard bike).

Our Yokler U it’s a freight bike that allows to transport up to 8 standard delivery boxes for a total payload of 150kg.

Even with a payload out of common, our cargo bike insures an extraordinary maneuverability with a turning radius of almost 2m!.

You can almost rotate around your own axel. And this is possible thanks to the patented steering column, that only Yokler owns.

With only 1.10m of width, the Yokler U it’s a tricycle that can easily be parked inside the shop at night.

If needed, its height, of only 1.87m, allows it to enter any underground parking lot (minimum height is 1.90m).