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Yokler U, the heavy duty cargo bike

Your Yokler U is fully equipped with more than 50 features including a powerful 250 W electric engine in compliance with the EU standard, a panoramic windshield and a huge 1000L / 1m3 / 150kg trunk.

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Delivery across the whole world

We deliver your pedicabs and cargo bikes on all continents (6 to 8 weeks delay).

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Our pedicabs and cargo bikes benefit from the Made in France label of quality.


An incredible payload!

The trunk of the Yokler U can easily fit up to 8 Euronorm folding or stacking boxes 61 Liter, with the handling trolley.

This incredible ability is made possible thanks to a self-supporting and rational design combined with a perfectly flat structure.
Its payload is 150kg for 1m3 + driver

A payload of 1000L / 1m3 that matches any need.

dimensions triporteur Yokler U

And yet, so compact!

The Yokler U is only 2m50 long, almost as short as a bike! It parks easily even on a sidewalk without disturbing pedestrians.

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The multi-purpose cargo bike

  • Transport up to 150kg
  • Deliver everywhere thanks to the big secured 1000L / 1m3 trunk
  • Cycle everywhere like a regular bike
  • Customize your Yokler with your brand identity and be more visible!
  • and many more advantages…
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A perfectly flat floor

Our floor is perfectly flat to simplify the handling of parcels.

In addition, it has a loading threshold lowered to only 40cm from the ground.

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A secure and removable battery system on a rack

The yokler U is equipped with a removable battery system installed in a secured compartment.

The battery connects and removes in seconds. It's so easy!
With a spare battery, you are back to the road in a minute ! You will never run out of autonomy.


A revolutionary new material

Yokler uses a revolutionary new composite material that is both ultra strong and lightweight.

It guarantees you increased resistance to shocks and clashes. It is rot-proof, UV-resistant and cleans easily.

Our innovative manufacturing process combining CNC machining, bending and plastic welding gives us an incredibly high rigidity without using any rivet!


An integrated hinge system that is highly resistant

Your Yokler U is equipped with an ultra-strong built-in hinge system. Our exclusive folding and welding technique resists burglary attempts, leaving no possibility of stealing.

A magic hatch for easy maintenance

No need to contort to access the rear brake pads.
A hatch makes it easy to access it in seconds.

A robust and secure locking system

The Yokler U is equipped with a 3-point locking system to open the two doors at once.

An outstanding maneuverability

The Yokler U is the most agile 3-wheeled cargobike on the market!

It can make a U-turn in a street of 3.70m wide and its turning radius is only 2.22m.

This incredible ability for a cargo bike of this size is made possible by a patented steering system that allows the front wheel to rotate more than 70 °.

In addition, the center of gravity of the Yokler U is very low which gives it excellent stability, even when empty.

Image Image

Advantageously replaces a van in the city center

The Yokler U allows you to put your van in the closet. Its large trunk can carry up to 1000L and 150kg

Quality and robustness, it has everything!

The Yokler is fully equipped to start your business!

Electric assistance, gearbox, ergonomic seat, not to mention a unique and ultra modern body design  that will catch everyone's attention.

6 reasons why to choose a professional cargo bike Yokler U

Do you need a pedicab to transport people?

triporteur utilitaire yokler u

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A lot of advantages

No need for a driving license for your deliveries

Unlike a motorized vehicle (electric or not), the Yokler U electric cargo bike does not require a driving license or any specific authorization. All the advantages of a bike and a van, combined in one vehicle 🙂 In addition, it's so fun and easy to drive !

No need for specific insurance

The cargo bike will make you save hundreds of euros each year. The Yokler U can be driven with a simple liability insurance, just like a bike.

No need for gas

Your Yokler U is equipped with an electric assistance which will cost you only a few cents per day to charge. No need for specific installation either, the battery is light and removable. It can be charged to any standard 220V plug.

Ultra compact for easy parking

During the day, you can easily park your Yokler U on a large sidewalk or on a pedestrian area in front of your store. In the evening, its compact size allows it to be parked inside your store. If you want to park it in an underground parking lot, it occupies only 1/3 of the space of a car!

livraison triporteur Yokler U

Personalise your Yokler U cargo bike

Power Pack

Boost your engine power and autonomy.

The Power Pack comes with improved motor specs (30% more torque than on the standard version) with up to 100 Nm torque while remaining within the 250W EU guidelines.

Can climb slopes of up to 15% when empty, or 8% with 100kg of load.

The Power Pack includes a bigger battery* (720Wh instead of 360Wh), increasing the autonomy up to 30km, as well as a Speed Charger** that doubles the charging speed.

*replaces the standard battery 
**replaces the standard charger

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option power pack

Smart Display USB

Control within reach of your finger.

Standard version is delivered with a black and white screen which allows you to control the engine power, speed, and tells the time and the battery percentage.

The Smart Display option adds to it a color screen with a wider and higher definition display. In addition to this, you will find a USB port so that you can charge your smartphone.

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option smart display usb
option antivol de direction

Park and Lock

The Park and Lock can be fitted as an option to your Yokler power assisted cargo bike.

It locks the front brake thanks to a lock integrated in the brake lever

A simple tap of your finger can block your cargo bike when you are parked. Nobody can move it.

To restart, insert the key in the lock, and presto! your electric cargobike Yokler U is functional again.

This exclusive system protects your tricycle against theft, for example during short deliveries.

This short video shows how it works

Configure your Yokler U with this option
option antivol de direction


Personnalize your Yokler U with the colors of your company

Your Yokler U is your best advertisement. It will be visible to thousands of people every day.

Create a unique design based on our templates and receive a vehicle that looks like you !

Covering adhesive on the 3 sides of the bodywork

Download the template file

See examples of personnalization

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option antivol de direction

Shelf system

Thanks to our shelf system, you can rationalize the storage of your parcels.

We use the same materials as for the rest of the body, light and very robust.

Each shelf has a payload of 30kg and can be dismantled easily.

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option antivol de direction

Isotherm boxes

Install up to 4 boxes of 95L each, that fit perfectly inside the big 1m3 trunk of the Yokler U.

This system is ideal for fresh food last mile deliveries in city centers.

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Continuous transmission with the NuVinci N380 gear hub.
Telescopic fork equipped with hydraulic suspensions and increased suspension clearing for optimal shock absorption.
Ergonomic drivers’ seat with lower back support.
Adjustable seat for drivers measuring roughly 1m50-1m90.
Panoramic PETG windshield.

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Delivery across
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We can deliver your pedicab/cargo bike to any continent.

2 years
manufacturer's warranty
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Our pedicabs and cargo bikes benefit from the Made in France label of quality.

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