The 2m3 electric professional cargo bike

The Yokler XXL 2m³ is the three-wheeler offering the largest useful volume in our range of professional electric cargo bikes.

This large utility cargo bike was developed to increase the productivity of courier companies that need a large useful volume to load several hundred packages.

Like all Yokler cargo bikes, it uses 15mm composite body technology with integrated hinges to resist impacts and break-in attempts.

Access to the load is via one of the 2 doors (rear or right side) both equipped with the Blockshaft lock approved by major carriers such as UPS and DHL.

The Yokler XXL is now available with the optional dual-torque motor, which provides up to 150 Nm of torque to climb gradients of up to 18%, even under full load.

From  12,790 (excl. VAT)

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An electric cargobike with plenty of boot space!



Maximum permissible laden weight



That's 2.0m3, with a streamlined format and no wasted space

Speed up to


Ideal for city centers


The largest professional cargobike in its category

The Yokler XXL is the professional electric cargobike with the biggest trunk in its category, with a full-height opening and a flat floor so you don't lose any space.

You can easily store several hundred boxes of all sizes.

The ultra-safe electric scooter for logistics professionals

As standard, the trunk of the Yokler XXL cargobike is made from a 15mm-thick woven fibreglass composite panel.
This material offers excellent impact resistance while being extremely light.

Our exclusive design incorporates burglar-proof hinges throughout, with no need for rivets or screws.

As an option, we also offer the Block Shaft lock (approved by the biggest courier operators), which secures the boot of your electric cargo bike with a simple slam of the door.

Thieves need not worry!


Ultra-reinforced components

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cargobike electrique professionnel xxl 22

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Made in France
Conçu, fabriqué et assemblé en France
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Une technologie exclusive au service de la cyclo-logistique
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