Pedicabs at the service of sustainable transport for seniors

Some seniors find it difficult to get around, even for small daily trips.
The most basic trips, such as going shopping, visiting family or going to the hairdresser can get complicated when we are not able to drive neither walk. Our elders suffer a dependance toward their families or friends which is far from their advantage.

Solutions are existing such as cabs or fitted minibus, however, they are not necesarily adapted to extreme proximity trips (less than one km). Also, those trips are really expensive, poorly flexible or friendly.

Did you even know that a rapidly expanding solution was existing and was made available to EHPAD and collectivities ? This solution is resolving those problematic! We are obviously speaking about pedicabs!  

Electric tricycles prove to be perfect because of their flexibility of use suits perfectly to small distances. You may be suprised, but you should know that bikes are faster than buses on small trips ! Our pedicabs are able to sneak through the streets by using cycles paths as an example. Trips are all the more pleasant for users. 😀

Over fifty establishments are already equipped with pedicabs such as the Résidence des Pins in Boulogne Billancourt, the Maison de l’Amitié in Albi, the Résidence de l’Archipel in Duclair or the Village des Aubépins in Rouen. This service is generally financed in partnerships with collectivities or private investors.

The success of these projects was immediate ! The system contributes to improve the residents well being, by proposing them a mobility service without delay; It is also creating the social link. Drivers and passengers all like this close proximity that favours intergenerational dialog and creates jobs ! This service is also a wonderfull image dealer; It promotes a gentle and ecological mode of travel.

Built on this successful experience, the association Un Vélo Une Ville in Quebec recently equipped themselves with thirty pedicabs to deploy around the residences of the Groupe Maurice in a dozen municipalities around Montreal.

In this case, the service was killing two birds with one stone: satisfying the mobility needs of elders by offering them pedicabs services, while participating in the reintagration of out-of-school youth! Everyone is winning !

Our last generation electric pedicabs for transporting passengers, Yokler X, brings a lot of improvements specially designed for elders. 
Our cabin was specially thought for them to facilitate its access with a threshold only 20cm from the ground. Our new bike taxis also include a grab bar as standard to facilitate getting in and out.

The service of transporting seniors in a pedicab is certainly a winning concept ! The initial investment is very limited compared to the service rendered. Moreover, operating costs are very weak and can often be subsidized if the project includes an integration component as is often the case.

Additional tip: please note that electrically assisted rickshaws are considered as electric bikes, therefore are elegible to governments incentives !


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