Manufacturer’s warranty

Update (11/01/2020)

All Yokler electric-assisted cargo bikes have been assembled with the greatest care by our technical teams at our factory in Villeurbanne (69). When sold new, they benefit from a manufacturer's parts and labor warranty for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery of the equipment, aimed at protecting the user against any manufacturing defect.

The manufacturer's warranty covers all structural parts and in particular the frame, fork, wheels, bodywork, engine and battery. The manufacturer's warranty excludes all wearing parts such as tires, tubes, cables, chains, sprockets, freewheels, spokes or brake pads. The exercise of the manufacturer's warranty is conditional to :

  • the absence of any transformation of the product, whether mechanical, electrical, electronic or at the level of the bodywork,
  •  the strict compliance with the instructions of use and payloads.
  • rigorous driver training. As such, Yokler offers 1 hour of free training on site (Paris or Lyon) or by phone (in other cities) for the purchase of a new cargo bike. To activate his manufacturer's warranty, the customer must contact Yokler to follow his free training (up to 2 drivers trained for free). In the event that the customer wishes to train more drivers, Yokler offers on its e-shop paid training modules on site or by telephone.
  • regular maintenance of the equipment by qualified personnel, as recommended in the user manual. As such, Yokler has made a large number of video tutorials available free of charge for all its customers for preventive maintenance.

Damages resulting from impacts, accidents or vandalism are excluded. The manufacturer's warranty is limited to the product covered by the sales contract, and excludes any operating loss. Yokler also reserves the right to temporarily suspend the exercise of the warranty in the event of a payment incident.

How to contact the after-sales service?

To contact the after-sales service, the customer must first report their failure by filling out the form below:

or by email to the address specifying its unique serial number and contact details.

In the context of a failure covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the customer may choose from different options :

• To make an appointment in one of the Yokler workshops and bring back your equipment for support, including replacement or repair of defective parts and labor.
• To contact any other garage or workshop of his choice, near his home. In this case, Yokler will participate in taking charge of the labor within the limit of 4 hours at an hourly rate of € 45 excluding VAT on production of the invoice. The cost of returning defective parts to the Yokler workshop, as well as those for shipping to the customer's address or to the third party workshop, will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

Yokler Care
Yokler Care is an optional warranty, to be subscribed in addition to the 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Yokler Care enables the replacement of sensitive components that are the gearbox, the electric engine or the battery in case of an accident or any damage caused by normal wear or any other external cause such as a shock, a faulty maintenance or the non-compliance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Yokler Care covers up to two incidents (parts and labor) for the duration of the manufacturer's warranty, each of which is subject to an additional charge of € 79 excluding taxes for a gearbox breakdown or € 149 excluding taxes for an engine or battery breakdown. The terms of application of Yokler care are identical to those of the initial manufacturer's warranty, especially for the portion relating to labor.


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