How to create your ecological transport company in a three-wheeled vehicle in 30 days!

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Have you thought about the pedicab also called taxi bike or cargo bike?

Bikes, mobility and home deliveries : very fast growing markets.

The in-city mobility market has changed considerably those last years.
The bicycle took a preponderant place in the travels and gains more ground with the creation of temporary cycle tracks in almost all the big cities.

Thanks to these facilities, using the bicycle is even safer, easier and more efficient than before. This will allow an explosion in the use of electric bikes in the cities and open the way for the fast development of many initiatives by bicycle companies

The mobility of people, and more particularly of the elderly is also strongly impacted. Seniors, worried about their health, now prefer individual transport, avoiding the overcrowded public transports.

Finally, home delivery experienced a real boom during confinement and this new habit is not about to disappear. Indeed, the long queues at the entrance of the stores encourage the use of home delivery and the habits adopted during confinement will certainly remain.

Senior, home delivery, proximity, bycicles, it is booming ! It’s time to enjoy it all !

How to take advantage of the electric bicycle boom and the mobility market in the urban areas (people and goods transportation)?

Créer une entreprise en triporteur ou en vélotaxi est une excellente manière de profiter de cette opportunité.

Creating a pedicab or a bicycle taxi business is a great way to take advantage of this opportunity.

The pedicab Yokler X is a perfect taxi bike for transporting elderly people over short distances. Its low access threshold and the comfort of its interior makes it a very popular vehicle for seniors. Unlike the car, which cannot park everywhere, the taxi bike offers a door to door service, secure and pleasant.

But the Yokler X is much more than just a taxi bike. Thanks to its magic bench, it transforms into a cargobike in few seconds and allows you to deliver up to 600 liters of goods!

The large display surfaces of its structure make it a particularly effective communication media, conveying extremely positive values. Marketing these display spaces to businesses and communities in your city will be an excellent additional income for your business.

Yokler supports you in the creation of your business by providing you with a turnkey offer.

  1. A fully equipped Yokler X in your company colors delivered directly to your home
  2. A guide to download to learn everything about the taxi bike business, save time and avoid pitfalls
  3. One hour of individual support with an expert in the field

Are you looking for a sustainable activity that meets your social and environmental convictions? So what are you waiting for to get started?

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Visit our test page to find out if this activity is right for you and if your city is suitable for it: Create a bike-taxi business: the essential checklist !

For more than 10 years, Yokler has been helping entrepreneurs to create their local transport service in pedicabs. Our teams are available to help you choose the right equipment (The Yokler X of course 🙂), and support you with our Start-up offer.

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Find out more about our special ‘Business creator’ offer. which will allow you to create your business in less than 30 days!

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