Which professional cargo bike to choose?

As a manufacturer of professional cargo bikes, Yokler produces a wide selection of electrically assisted tricycles.

Depending on the user profile, we will recommend the most suitable professional cargo bike for your needs:
parcel transport, grocery delivery, maintenance of green spaces, passenger transport, and many other uses.

The Yokler XL is a professional XL utility cargo bike that offers a large trunk with a loading volume of 1.4m³ (or 1400L) and a payload of 155kg in addition to the pilot's weight (75kg) or 230kg in total.

Thanks to a perfectly rational design, the trunk of the Yokler XL professional three-wheeled cargo bike can carry several hundred parcels without any loss of space.

The Blockshaft lock (optional) secures the load of the professional cargo bike, in addition to the integrated hinges (standard) for optimal protection against break-ins.

The auxiliary motor (optional) allows the electric cargo bike to climb steep slopes, even when the cargo bike is fully loaded. This option is particularly useful when the logistics depot is located underground and the user must exit the car park with the maximum payload.

Like all Yokler professional cargo bikes, the Yokler XL uses moped components like the fork, rims or brakes. These reinforced components assure the owner of maximum robustness and low maintenance requirements.

The windshield protects the driver of the tricycle against bad weather and considerably improves his comfort, favoring the presenteeism of your teams of drivers.

The Yokler XL professional cargo bike is particularly suitable for courier and parcel delivery companies.

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Clients :
Tryfaz, M&M Transports, Star Services, VelyVelo, Movivolt, La Poste Colissimo

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The Yokler U is a compact utility professional cargo bike equipped with a 1m3 trunk (1000L) and a payload of 165kg in addition to the rider's weight (75kg) or 240kg in total.

The Yokler U is the professional three wheeled cycle that offers the best compromise between loading volume and compactness.

The dimensions of the Yokler U trunk allow you to transport up to 8 standard transport boxes in the 60x40x32 format, specially designed for the delivery of groceries.

The Yokler U can be optionally equipped with the Blockshaft lock (optional) to secure the load with a simple slam of the door.

The Yokler U can also be equipped with the auxiliary engine allowing the professional cargo bike to climb significant slopes, even when the cargobike is fully loaded. This option is also recommended when the scooter regularly transports the maximum of its payload. This often happens when the user has to carry many packs of water.

Like all the professional cargo bike in the Yokler range, the Yokler U is fitted as standard with a windshield which protects the rider of the scooter against bad weather and considerably improves his comfort, as well as an ergonomic saddle with lumbar support.

The Yokler U professional three-wheeled cycle is particularly suitable for local shops and craftsmen.

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Clients :
Mon Marché.fr, Carrefour city, U express, Intermarché

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The Yokler J is a pickup tricycle with a 1.5m long platform and capable of carrying a payload of 175kg (in addition to the weight of the pilot) or 250kg in total.

Its rear drop side can be lowered and serve as a reinforcement, even in the case of a load with a significant overhang.

As with all professional three-wheeled cycle in the Yokler range, the body of the Yokler J is made of a composite material that is shock-resistant and rot-proof. The user will thus be able to load any type of material into the Yokler J platform without fear of damaging the bodywork.

The Yokler J platform can be completed as an option with mesh side metal frames equipped with stainless steel nets in order to considerably increase the cargo volume of the scooter.

The Yokler J professional cargo bike is particularly suitable for communities in charge of the maintenance of green spaces and waste collection.

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Mairie de Maiche, Mairie de Bois Colombes, Mairie de Puteaux, Mairie de Gauchy, Intercontinental Lifou Bay

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The Yokler T is a pedicab-type professional tricycle with a cabin for 2 adult passengers (in addition to the pilot in the front). An additional 50L trunk is located under the passenger seat and allows you to carry a cabin-size suitcase or shopping bags, for a payload of 235kg in total (driver included).

The Yokler T pedicab is fitted as standard with opening side doors allowing passengers to board easily.
This exclusive feature for a professional velotaxi allows senior passengers to get on easily without having to swivel the pelvis.

Passengers are comfortably seated on board the Yokler T pedicab thanks to their position at the rear of the cargobike, which provides a reassuring feeling.

The passenger compartment of the Yokler T pedicab can be optionally supplemented with side tarpaulins to protect against rain.

If the terrain to be served is hilly, the Yokler T professional pedicab can be optionally equipped with an auxiliary engine (twin-engine) allowing the electric scooter to climb steep slopes of up to 15% at a speed limited to 6 km/h.

The Yokler T professional pedicab is particularly suitable for communities wishing to set up a local service for seniors. It is also recommended for auto-entrepreneurs wishing to embark on a pedicab activity.

The Yokler K is a professional cargo bike that can be used as a base for all special projects:

Itinerant sale

LED screens

Movable stand


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