The new generation of pedicab for micro-mobility in city centers

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Our Yokler T pedicab combines all the benefits of a bicycle with the cabin of a small car.


0 people

1 driver + 2 passengers



with cabin baggage format.
Ideal for storing your groceries.

Speed up to :


Ideal for short journeys in city centers.


The electric cargo bike specially designed for professional use

Transport of passengers


Urban deliveries

Street marketing

Innovative ergonomics to make getting on and off easier for passengers with reduced mobility

The Yokler T is the only pedicab equipped with side doors opening to the full height to facilitate passenger access, even with reduced mobility.
Senior passengers no longer have to twist to get on or off 🙂
The low floor at only 27cm from the ground limits all risks of falling.
Additionally, the central support bar and seat belts ensure a journey in complete serenity.


Why are Yokler cargo bikes different?

Our cargobikes are the result of several years of R&D and are the subject of 3 international patents.

With an ultra-robust “motorcycle” design, a revolutionary composite body and exclusive comfort equipment, our cargo bikes are really different!

+ info about Yokler technology

1 driver + 2 passengers in an ultra compact format.

The Yokler T is only 2m40 long, almost as short as a simple bicycle.

Ultra stable and manoeuvrable, it is very easy to park even on a sidewalk without hindering pedestrians.

A weight advantage for urban use!

Always more standard equipments !

Panoramic windshield to protect from the rain

Patented ergonomic saddle
with lumbar support

Integrated on-board computer
with LCD color display

Side mirrors

Full LED lights (position, brake and turn signals)

Electric assistance 250W
up to 100Nm

High capacity 720Wh battery
Autonomy up to 30km

Electric booster
for hill start

Swappable battery system
Plug & Go

Turning radius 2m20 only thanks to the patented steering system

Enviolo Cargo® continuously variable gearbox

Hydraulic suspension fork

Front shock protection shield

Customize your professional cargo bike to boost your productivity and security

Automatic gearbox

option smart display usb

No need to change gears manually, the Enviolo Automatiq® gearbox servomotor does it automatically.

This is one less technical gesture for the driver to manage, who can concentrate 100% on his journey.

The Automatiq® gearbox is recommended for intensive use or with many pilots.


option antivol de direction

Personnalize your Yokler T with the colors of your company and transform your cargo bike into a powerful communication tool.

It will be visible to thousands of people every day.

Create a unique design based on our templates and receive a vehicle that looks like you !

Side rain protection

option antivol de direction

Improve the comfort of your passengers behind the cabin with this pair of side covers.

Your passengers will be protected from rain and wind.

Extra battery pack

option antivol de direction

Do you plan to ride more than 25 km / day?

An extra battery pack can bring you great convenience by being sure you never run out of energy.

Double the range of your Yokler U with this extra 720Wh high capacity battery that will give you up to 30 km more battery range.

No need to immobilize your Yokler to recharge it, just change the battery in seconds thanks to our swappable battery system.


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Fourche hydraulique Triporteur de livraison dernier kilomètre Yokler

Gachette booster triporteur de livraison dernier kilomètre Yokler


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