The 7 reasons to use a pedicab

You couldn’t have missed it, the news is bubbling concerning the state of our planet. Yesterday, Donal Trump announced that he was getting the United-States out from the Paris agreements (regarding climate changes), in the middle of the european sustainable development week… This week-end is also the bike festival in all of France !  That’s in this context that we wanted to list 7 good reasons to use a pedicab whatever you are a company, an entreprenor or an individual. Let’s go !

1) That is ecological

When you only energy is the strenght of your legs, the carbon footprint is not existing! If you’d rather use an electrically assisted pedicab, you will not be emitting greenhouse gases either. Moreover, by diminishing the number of cars (Yes, the pedicab replaces your car in urban areas), you participate in smoothening the traffic flow and reducing the traffic jams.

2) They are very handy and go everywhere

Pedicabs are bikes, that’s why they are really easy to handle, they can circulate on bicycle lanes, pedestrian areas as well as the roads ! It allows you to go everywhere and to avoid endless lines during peak periods. Moreover you will be less stressed :).

3) Your health will thank you

As we were talking about : less time lost means less stress ! Also driving your pedicab is an excellent sport, it is equivalent to stimulating your blood circulation and strenghtening your immune and respiratory systems. You will also feel better about yourself !

It is always very fulfilling to do sports. 

4) You will gain time

With an electric pedicab, you can avoid traffic jams. You should also consider the fact that a 2,3-meter-wide cycle path can move 5.900 people by bike in an hour of time when this same path moves 1.300 people by car  over the same period. The bike is 4,5 times more efficient! Finally, you wont loose time trying to find a place to park, in addition you wont have to pay anything !

5) You will not only save money but earn money !

Owning a pedicab is reducing your costs :
No fuel
The initial price is much lower than a car’s price
Maintenance is way less expensive
If you are an individual, you wont need to pay for a public transport subscription.

For entreprenors, owning and running an eletric pedicab means increasing your revenues:
You can launch a people transportation service
Or you can transport goods  Ou en tant que coursier pour des services de livraison
You can use your pedicab for itinerant sales
It even allows you to monetize your vehicle for operations such as mobile communication or ponctual event

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6) You can carry just about anything you want

Wether your electric bick is a pedicab or a cargo bike (knowing that the Yokler X is both), the transport possibilities are endless. You can use it to transport tourists, your family, someone in a wheelchair, you can transport goods, your business, you can collect the wastes, etc…

Our Yokler can carry a payload of 250kg.

7) It encourages local economy

The use of three-wheeled bikes promotes local commerce, firstly it gives them new type of visibility, on the other hand, individuals that are moving this way would favor convenience stores over shopping centers. Finally, using a pedicab means supporting the whole industry and therefore participating in job creation ! 🙂

To conclude, you now know the reasons to use a pedicab and that it is the perfect solution for getting around town, whatever your use!

What about you? What is your project ? Do not hesitate explaining us your needs and contacting us with any question !

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