3 good reasons to start your bike riding business without delay !

Proximity services with a pedicab: It’s time to invest ! 

In this troubled period, is it really the optimal time to create your local transport and delivery business on pedicab?
At Yokler, we think YES… and even three times YES ! Remember that in every crisis there is an opportunity to be seized. It is still necessary to select a promising sector of activity and a solution the meets a real need.  

1. The bicycle, the big winner after confinement !

More and more cities are setting temporary bicycle lanes to prepare deconfinement. 

Several big municipalities, from Paris to Marseille via Bordeaux or Montpellier, took advantage of the decline in car traffic to create new infrastructures for cyclists and pedestrians. The objective is to guarantee social distancing for travel.

Thanks to these new facilities, using the bicycle will be safer and more efficient than before. This should lead to an explosion in the utilisation of bicycle in towns. That’s excellent news !

And as your Yokler is considered as a cycle, you may benefit of those new cyclable highways without any constraints and in complete safety. Fantastic, isn’t it? 

2. Social distancing measures make it difficult to use public transport, and especially for the elderly and fragile people

Imagine that you are an elderly or a fragile person… Would you be ready to get on a crowded bus? However, as soon as you have the right to do so again, you too will want to go out, to do your shopping, go to the hairdresser or visit your friends. What travelling solution would you use if you can’t use bike on your own? The Yokler X is the perfect pedicab to transport the elderly over short distances. It’s low access threshold and the comfort of it’s interior makes it a very popular vehicle for seniors. Unlike the car, which cannot park everywhere, the taxi bike offers a door to door service, secure and pleasant.

3. Home deliveries are exploding and will keep on growing.

With the containment, home deliveries became very important. Businesses had to overcome the closure of their stores and find new ways to serve their customers. Delivery appeared as THE solution to keep on selling. That’s good, since the Yokler X can also deliver goods 😀 ! Indeed, the Yokler X is much more than a simple pedicab. Thanks to its magic seat, it is able to transform from a taxi bike to a cargobike in few seconds

But then, once the containment is over, will it all stop? We do not think so. The post-containment period is likely to last several months or even years if an effective treatment and vaccine is not found. During this period, social distances must be scrupulously respected. 

For businesses, this now famous distancing is a real headache which limits the number of customer who can enter their shops simultaneously. Home deliveries with pedicabs will, there again, be the best solution to avoid endless waiting lines in front of the shops.

Are you looking for a sustainable activity that meets your social and environmental convictions ? What are you waiting to get started with your Business? 

Many entrepreneurs have already launched successfully. 

The bicycle taxi interests you but you are still wondering about this business? 

Read our article: Create a bike-taxi business: the essential checklist ! For more than 10 years, Yokler has been helping and accompanying entrepreneurs to create their local transport service in pedicab. Our teams are at your disposal to help you choose the right equipment (the Yokler X of course 🙂 ), and support you with our Start-up offer. 

For any questions, contact us !

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