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The electrically-assisted cargo bike is the most efficient environmentally-friendly vehicle for delivering in the city center. Perfectly adapted for last mile delivery, the cargo bike combines the best of a bicycle and a small electric mini-van.

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What is a delivery cargo bike?

yokler u cargo tricycle
Model : Yokler U serie

An electric delivery cargo bike is, above all else, a bicycle, or, rather, a tricycle, as it is fitted with three wheels.

This means that the driver must pedal to move forward but that the pedalling is “effortless” because the electrically-assisted commercial cargo bike  is, as its name implies, fitted with an additional engine that constantly helps the driver. Its power does not exceed 250 W in order to remain in the regulatory category for Electrically-Assisted Vehicles (VAE).

It is fitted with a rear trunk (or box) giving it a large load capacity. It is aimed at local traders who want to put in place a home delivery service for their customers, all while growing their visibility in their district.

Discover how and why the Yokler U electric cargo bike is the most effective solution for delivery issues in the centre of town.

The commercial cargo tricycle benefits from all of the advantages of a bicycle

Cycle lanes, pedestrian areas; commercial cargo bikes can be used everywhere you go. They go perfectly alongside bicycles, cars, and pedestrians.

You will never again be bothered by accessibility problems in the city centre, or by parking: with a cargo bike you can get right up to the door of your destination.

As long as you do not impede the movement of pedestrians, you can even temporarily park your cargo bike on a widened pavement while you deliver your parcel.

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yokler u, bicycle lane
box size cargo bike
Model : Yokler U serie

A cargo bike offers a large load capacity

An electric cargo bike for deliveries offers a load capacity varying between 100 l and 1000 l.

The Yokler U is the cargo bike that offers the largest load capacity: up to 150 kg, giving a total volume of 1000 l (or 1 m3). And all while respecting the VAE regulations with a motorisation that does not surpass 250 W.

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The running costs for a cargo bike are highly competitive

With no fuel, no insurance, and a charging cost of a few pence per day, the usage cost for an electrically-assisted cargo bike for deliveries is next to nothing.

You will also save on parking (up to three Yokler U cargo tricycle can be placed in one standard bay), without counting the fact that you will no longer have to pay any fines for parking blocking the roadway. The use of an electric cargo bike is guaranteed to help you make numerous savings!

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ecological cargo bike

The cargo bikes are 100% environmentally-friendly

The electric cargo tricycle do not emit any CO2! It is estimated that one cargo bike prevents the emission of more than a tonne of CO2 per year. They are far more environmentally-friendly than any other electric vehicle as they barely consume any energy.

This feat is rendered possible by the vehicle’s great lightness and an optimised efficiency. Thanks to the electric assistance, the driver can comfortably transport up to 150 kg without any effort or sound. A true showcase of your eco approach!

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Using a commercial cargo bike is really that simple!

Driving an electrically-assisted cargo bike does not require a driving licence or transport capacity, in compliance with the regulations on electrically-assisted vehicles (VAE).

Getting to grips with our cargo tricycle takes just a few minutes, even without any prior experience. Driving them is extremely comfortable and maintenance is reduced to the minimum. Recharging the removable batteries does not require and special equipment, as a simple 220 V socket suffices.

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Make you ultra-urban logistics and delivery activities eco-mobile by deploying Yokler U, the best cargo bikes on the market.

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