Your professional electric pedicab/taxi bike to transport passengers from 6 990€ ex. taxes

Yokler X: The versatile pedicab for transporting people and/or goods.

Your Yokler X is fully equiped and includes as a standard the electric motorization 250W conform EC, the panoramic windshield and the removable advertising bodywork.

From 6 990 € ex. taxes 

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Discover our pedicab Yokler X in video!

Yokler X: The electrically assisted versatile taxi bike

  • Electric and very handy, it goes everywhere in town

  • Ultra flexible: Taxi or Cargo bike, why would you choose?

  • Quality and robustness, it has everything!

  • Customize your Yokler with its many options

Transport up to 3 people

Transport of one to three passengers in a safe and comfortable way. Especially suitable for transporting seniors and tourist visits.

Deliver up to 150 kg of goods

Convert your electric pedicab, the Yokler X into a cargo bike in seconds.

Circulate without constraints in the city

Considered as an electrically assisted bike, the Yokler X is ultra flexible (access to bicycle lanes, pedestrian areas and road lanes). No license or VTC accreditation needed.

Offer an incredible tourist experience

Pleasant and secure seat; panoramic view thanks to the two large windshields to make the most of excursions.

Eye catchy design

Its original and thoughtful design attracts attention. The images and values ​​conveyed are ultra positive.

Configure your Yokler X

Your Yokler X is fully equipped and includes as standard: the 250W electric motor conforming to CE standards (power pack), the panoramic windshield and the removable advertising bodywork.

Increase the potential of your Yokler X with its many options:

  • Magic bench seat (€ 490 excl. tax) : transform your pedicab into a cargo bike in a second.
  • Smart display (90 € excl. tax) : Control all the data of your engine with this on-board computer including a USB charging socket for your mobile
  • Park & ​​Lock (190 € excl. taxes): Secure your Yokler with this anti-theft device.
  • GPS tracker (199 € excl. taxes): Track your fleets in real time.
  • Removable rain covers (290 € excl. taxes): Improve the comfort of your passengers in rainy weather.
  • Seat belts (49 € excl. taxes): retractable two-point belt, ideal for children or the safety of the elderly.
  • To double the range of your vehicle, you can acquire an additional removable battery.

Some more details about the pedicab Yokler X

  • Comfort

    Progressive transmission by gearbox, long-travel hydraulic fork.
    Ergonomic pilot seat with lumbar support, adjustable for pilots from 1.60m to 1.90m.
    Panoramic windshield, grab bar and lowered threshold for easy passenger access.

  • Practicality

    Body panels interchangeable in 2 minutes, sliding rear panel on slide for access to the trunk up to 600L (in cargo mode **).
    Multifunction on-board computer with color LCD screen and USB socket (optional).
    Dimensions: L: 250cm / l: 110cm / H: 192cm / W: 150kg / payload: 250kg.

  • Electric motor

    36V 250W crankset, torque up to 100Nm * compliant with CE standard.
    3 modes of assistance up to 25km / h.
    Li-Ion 720Wh battery without memory effect, progressive fast charge 4 hours.
    Autonomy up to 30km per battery *, crossing slopes up to 10% empty and 8% charged *
    Removable and interchangeable battery

  • Security

    Reinforced aluminum technology chassis, extra large wheels (double aluminum walls and stainless steel spokes), Schwalbe reinforced tires.
    Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, parking function.
    Turn signals, brake lights, position lights and LED headlight.
    Specific Battery Management System (BMS) + 2 year manufacturer warranty (see conditions).

*With PowerPack  **Thanks to the Magic Seat

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An outstanding maneuverability

The Yokler X is the most agile 3-wheeled cargobike on the market! He can turn around in a street of 3.70m wide and his turning circle is only 2.22m.

This incredible performance for a pedicab of this size is made possible by a patented steering system that allows the front wheel to rotate more than 70 °.

In addition, the center of gravity of the Yokler X is very low which gives it excellent stability, even when empty.

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Manufacturer's warranty 2 years parts and labor
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