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The pedicab to transport passengers and/or small goods.

Your Yokler X is fully equipped and includes a 250 W electric motorisation series in compliance with the CE standard, the panoramic windshield and a detachable advertising framework.

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The most versatile electrically-assisted pedicab on the market

The Yokler X is the most versatile and most efficient electrically-assisted taxi bike. It facilitates the combination of several professional activities such as transporting passengers and transporting products.

Furthermore, its framework offers large advertising spaces which are very easy to make use of to generate additional revenue.

Configure your Yokler X
  • Transport up to 3 people

    Transport of one to three passengers in a safe and comfortable way. Especially suitable for transporting seniors and tourist visits.

  • Deliver up to 150 kg of goods

    Convert your electric pedicab, the Yokler X into a cargo bike in seconds.

  • Circulate without constraints in the city

    Considered as an electrically assisted bike, the Yokler X is ultra flexible (access to bicycle lanes, pedestrian areas and road lanes). No license or VTC accreditation needed.

    • Offer an incredible tourist experience

      Pleasant and secure seat; panoramic view thanks to the two large windshields to make the most of excursions.

    • Eye catchy design

      Its original and thoughtful design attracts attention. The images and values ​​conveyed are ultra positive.

    • And so many other advantages ...

      The ultra modular Yokler X adapts to all environments and all activities.

    6 reasons why to choose a professional pedicab Yokler X


    Quality and sturdiness, it’s got it all!

    The Yokler is fully equipped to kick off your activities!

    Electric assistance, gear box, ergonomic seat, and not forgetting a framework with unique, ultra modern design that will attract all the attention.

    Configure your Yokler X

    An outstanding maneuverability

    The Yokler U is the most agile 3-wheeled cargobike on the market! He can turn around in a street of 3.70m wide and his turning circle is only 2.22m.

    This incredible performance for a cargo bike of this size is made possible by a patented steering system that allows the front wheel to rotate more than 70 °.

    In addition, the center of gravity of the Yokler U is very low which gives it excellent stability, even when empty.

    Image Image

    Personalise your Yokler X pedicab

    option power pack

    Power Pack

    Boost your motor performance and your range.

    The Power Pack comes with improved motor specs (30% more torque than on the standard version) with up to 100 Nm torque while remaining within the 250W CE marking guidelines.

    Can ascend slopes of up to 10% without load, 8% slope with design load.

    The Power Pack includes a high capacity battery 720Wh, increasing the range to 30km, as well as a Speed Charger that doubles the charging speed.


    Included in your Yokler X

    Magic Seat

    Alternate between transporting parcels and passenger to maximise your profits.

    The Magic Seat is a patented system in which a modulable seat can transform you tricycle, the Yokler X, into a cargo-trike in less than two seconds. When in cargo mode, your Yokler X offers up to 600L of storage volume and can support up to 100kg of merchandise in the trunk.

    490€ excl. taxes
    Configure your Yokler X with this option
    option banquette magique
    option pub booster

    Pub booster

    Boost your incomes thanks to the Publicity Booster that you can add to your rickshaw.

    The Yokler is designed to effortlessly display publicity. The Publicity Booster comes with a second set of body panels. The adhesive adverts can therefore be applied to the panels independently from the vehicle. Moreover, you can now alternate between different publicity campaigns without having to reprint and apply the adhesive publicity.

    290€ excl. taxes
    Configure your Yokler X with this option

    Smart Display USB

    Control your tricycle within reach of your finger.

    Your onboard computer is your interface to monitor the rickshaw. Standard version is delivered with a black and white screen which allows you to handle assistance, display speed, time, battery condition but also various statistics such as average speed. The colour screen option also implies a wider, brighter and with higher definition screen. In addition to this, you will find a USB port so that you can charge your smartphone without leaving your tricycle.

    90€ excl. taxes
    Configure your Yokler X with this option
    option smart display usb
    option antivol de direction

    Park & Lock

    The Park and Lock can be fitted as an option to your Yokler power assisted pedicab.

    It locks the front brake thanks to a lock integrated in the brake lever/
    A simple tap of your finger can block your tricycle when you are parked. Nobody can move it.
    To restart, insert the key in the lock, and let's go! Your electric pedicab Yokler X is functional again.

    This exclusive system protects your rickshaw against theft, for example during short deliveries.

    This short video shows how it works

    190€ excl. taxes
    Configure your Yokler X with this option

    GPS Tracker

    Track your fleets of electrically assisted pedicabs in real time.

    Manage and follow all your Yokler thanks to an ultra simple and intuitive application.

    Easily pilot and monitor your activities.

    199€ excl. taxes
    Configure your Yokler X with this option
    option GPS tracker
    option antivol de direction

    Safety seatbelt

    The retractable two-point seatbelt can optionally be added to your electrically assisted rickshaw.

    Its lenght is perfectly suited for an adult, two adults or two adults and a child.

    Ideal for the transport of children or the safety of the elderly.

    This exclusive system protects your passengers and enhances their sense of security when they are on your tricycle.

    49€ excl. taxes
    Configure your Yokler X with this option

    Rain cover

    The removable rain covers can optionally equip your electrically assisted tricycle.

    Ultra simple to install (1 minute), rain covers provide additional comfort to your passengers in rainy weather.

    The tarpaulins are delivered with their storage bag.

    Protect your passengers from rain, wind and cold with these removable covers.

    290€ excl. taxes
    Configure your Yokler X with this option
    option smart display usb





    Continuous transmission with the NuVinci N380 gear hub.
    Telescopic fork equipped with hydraulic suspensions and increased suspension clearing for optimal shock absorption.
    Ergonomic drivers’ seat with lower back support.
    Adjustable seat for drivers measuring roughly 1m50-1m90.
    Panoramic PETG windshield.
    Structural beam and low platform level for effortless passenger boarding.

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    Configure your Yokler X from 6.990€ excl. taxes

    Your Yokler X is fully equipped and includes as standard: the 250W electric motor conforming to CE standards (power pack), the panoramic windshield and the removable advertising bodywork.

    Increase the potential of your Yokler X with its many options:

    • Magic bench seat (€ 490 excl. tax) : transform your pedicab into a cargo bike in a second.
    • Smart display (90 € excl. tax) : Control all the data of your engine with this on-board computer including a USB charging socket for your mobile
    • Park & ​​Lock (190 € excl. taxes): Secure your Yokler with this anti-theft device.
    • GPS tracker (199 € excl. taxes): Track your fleets in real time.
    • Removable rain covers (290 € excl. taxes): Improve the comfort of your passengers in rainy weather.
    • Seat belts (49 € excl. taxes): retractable two-point belt, ideal for children or the safety of the elderly.
    • To double the range of your vehicle, you can acquire an additional removable battery.


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