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Do you want to create a bicycle taxi transport activity in your city? The Yokler X is the most versatile rickshaw on the market. Thanks to its patented technologies, the Yokler X allows you to mix several activities.

Convert your pedicab to cargo bike in seconds; Offer ecological delivery in addition to your local taxi offer. Thanks to its removable and customisable body, the Yokler X allows you to monetize your advertising display place with shops in your city.

You can quickly make your business profitable. Forget the rickshaws of the old days, the Yokler X is the vehicle you need to succeed in your business!

Expert in the field for more than 15 years, Yokler supports you in the creatio of your bicycle taxi activity: supply of the vehicle, training, monitoring and warranty.

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What is an electrically-assisted pedicab?

An electrically-assisted pedicab, also called a taxi bike (to transport people) or cargo bike (to transport products) is a tricycle intended for professional use and conceived for an eco-mobility business in the city center.

These pedal tricycles are equipped with electric assistance, making pedalling “effortless”. On the condition that the engine power does not go above 250 W, the pedicabs are considered to be bicycles and therefore are under the same rules of circulation as bikes.

All Yokler electric assist tricycles comply with the EAB regulation (Electrically-Assisted Bicycles, also called “pedelec” in French).

The Yokler X allows you to sneak in without constraints in your city! As cycles, the Yokler X does not require a driver's license or a taxi license!

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How to set up your bicycle taxi business?

Yokler is much more than a manufacturer of electric tricycles! It is 15 years of know-how in the management of bicycle-taxi companies that we put at your disposal for the creation of your business.

Our teams can help you build your business around the fields of passenger transport, local delivery and advertising. Thanks to the Yokler X, you can effectively mix all these jobs to get the maximum income from your activity.

What type of rickshaw to choose? What income projections? Which regulations? We have all the answers 🙂 

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Find out why pedicab businesses are growing so quickly today.

Because we can no longer ignore the need to adopt eco-friendly behaviour, especially when it comes to travel.

Because car circulation in city centers is becoming more restricted every day.

Because home deliveries are growing very quickly and local businesses lack a solution for responding to this new demand.

Because the taxi tricycle is, alongside the bike, the most efficient and most environmentally-friendly method for moving around in town.

Because using rickshaw is simple and accessible: no need for a driving licence, no special licence, a moderate initial investment...

Because the population is aging and our elders need to get around town more than ever, the bicycle taxi fulfills this function and creates social ties!

Because it is an exciting activity that makes sense!

Because more and more craftsman are launching new businesses with pedicab (deliveries by bike, mobile sales, taxi bikes and taxi tricycle tourism etc.).

Why is the Yokler X THE ideal pedicab for your taxi-bike, ecological delivery and advertising activities?

For the efficient and cost-effective growth of your business, you need a professional pedicab that is sturdy and, above all, versatile.

Access our buying guide: which scooters for which uses?

Yokler has developed a series of exclusive features to boost your business and maximise your revenues.

magic seat yokler X
Transform your taxi bike into a cargo bike in few seconds! You are ready to enter the local delivery market!
More information on the Magic Seat
advertisement on Yokler X
Change adverts in less than five minutes thanks to the removable panels!
More information on the Pub Booster

Building your business with the Yokler X will allow you to:

- join the hundreds of entrepreneurs already in activity thanks to our pedicabs!

 - to develop a varied and profitable activity around the passenger transport, delivery and mobile advertising!

 - to get an activity that makes sense by rendering service daily to dozens of people!

 - participate on your scale in preserving the planet since a Yokler in circulation saves a ton of CO2 / year!

> Access the essential checklist before starting a bicycle touring activity in your city.

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