Create a bike-taxi business: the essential checklist !

Before creating an activity of bicycle taxi in your town, here are few points that you will absolutely have to check.

Do I have the profile to become an electric pedicab operator?

Developing a rickshaw activity or transporting people in electric pedicabs requires a certain number of qualities. Here are the questions you should wonder before starting:

– Do I have a good physical condition ? 

Driving an electric pedicab (the Yokler X) is not very physical, however you may spend your days on your pedicab. Make sure you choose the right pedicab that guarantees sufficient driving comfort (ergonomic seat, comfortable driving position, electric assistance, etc.).

–  Do I like customer contact? 

Customer contact is very important in that job ! You have to be smilling, positive and you should like to serve others. A commercial character and listening your clients will be a plus and allow you to build customer loyalty.

– Do I want to work outdoors?  

You will spend an important part of your day in your pedicab. If you prefer doing sport and spending time outdoors rather than staying in an office, this job might be done for you ! Just make sure once again that your working tool, the Yokler X, will offer you sufficient comfort conditions (weather protection, windhsield, comfortable cockpit and ergonomic seat).

– Do I want to start my business and be independent ? 

Do you want to be an entrepreneur and manage your time alone ? You want to practice a job that make sense to you and that you can be proud of? It’s perfect! Let’s Go!

Does my city have enough potential ?

Before getting started in your city, make sure that it meets at least 80% of the following criteria:

  • Relatively flat topography (no slopes greater than 8%)
  • A sufficient size
  • A lively city-center
  • A population of elderly people with sufficient purchase power
  • Good tourists attendance
  • A pedestrian city center and/or traffic and parking difficulties for cars

Am I allowed to settle in my city ?

As soon as you pedicab/bike-taxi is an electric one and complies with European regulations, you should not need any type of specific authorization to launch your activity. However, for a few years now, cities have been regulating the activity of bicycles. The best is to get in touch with your town hall to check this point.

Is the town hall favourable to my initiative ?

Contact an elected official in your city and submit your project to them. Most municipalities are very favorable to the activity of bicycle-taxi (which they sometimes call rickshaws). Indeed, town halls see many advantages in those pedicab activities: they are ecological, create jobs, allows elder to move and even participate in the revitalization of city centers and their local shops.

What services will I offer to my customers? At what price?

Entrepreneurs that are successful in the pedicab industry are those who offer several services that perfectly meet the needs of each of their targets.

  • Transporting people (taxi, tourism)
  • Delivery between shops or directly to individual places
  • Communication (street marketing, nomadic advertisment, events)

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Offering several services and targeting several types of clients (individuals, professionals, town halls) allows you to optimize perfectly your planning and offer you better regularity of income.

In some cases, delivery and communication can represent over 60% of the entrepreneurs turnover. It is really important to choose a tricycle that offers the possibility to mix those three activities efficiently.

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Have I made a business plan and is it realistic?

Have you carried out a business plan to assess the potential of your bike riding activity? This should allow you to answer the following questions:

  • What service will I propose? At what price?
  • How many trips/deliveries/advertising do I have to perform per day to achieve the income I want to earn?
  • How much can I earn with my bike-taxi activities? 

If you are able to answer all those questions, congratulations, you are ready! Now it’s time to choose your pedicab !

Find here other important information to create your own business!

If you still have questions, do not hesitate contacting us! We will be delighted to help you with your project and to put at your service our 15 years of experience in coaching bicycle touring entrepreneurs!

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Your new life is waiting 🙂 Do like them, become a happy cyclo-entrepreneur!