Electric vehicles: Are they really environment-friendly?

The necessity to protect the environment it’s an extremely sensible field. In order to preserve our environment some actions are implemented. Actions such as taking alternative ways of transports in order to limit the CO2 emission or harmful particles.

Electric cars today are advertised as the main solution to improve the quality of the air in the city center.

But, are they really environmental -friendly?

Above all, there is one main issue that is the same for both electric and diesel car.

The paradigm of a standard car is applicable to an electric one: a vehicle of a ton, with a payload of maximum 500kg.

Of course, this way of transport is really interesting. It is when, for example, we have to travel long distances on motorways, with a payload of several kilos. Therefore, for small distances in the city center, with a load lower than 100kg, a car or a van is an aberration. And their electric engine doesn’t change anything.

The ratio between the tare weight of the vehicle and its load is extremely low. As a result that brings to a huge energetic loss. It would basically be like pushing a small weight with a bulldozer.

On top of that, replacing all the thermic cars with electric cars doesn’t change the traffic jams because there are as much cars as there were before.

The cargo bike revolution

The cargo bikes are a real environmental-friendly solution. Perform at its best with a load of up to 100Kg in a range of action of few kilometers.

The tricycle or freight bike allows you to transport goods with an excellent ratio between the vehicle tare weight and its payload. The Yokler U ratio is 2. That means that our Yokler U is a cargo bike that allows to transport twice its weight.

This extraordinary performance is made possible thanks to the design completely different from the cars one. The Yokler U is a tricycle box bike, and above all, its structure and power transmission are carefully designed to offer the best relation between weight, resistance, and performance.