Opportunities created by an electric pedicab

Eco Mobility: New markets linked with electric pedicab

What is an electric pedicab? 

Halfway between a car and a bike, the electric tricycle (also called bicycle taxi)  is a three wheeled vehicle destinated to people or merchandise transportation. Nowadays, most of the trycicles are furnished with electrical assistance. Indeed, the electric pedicab is perfectly adapted to urban travels.

Why is it one of the most efficient vehicle of professional trips in cities?

  • The pedicab: a catchall vehicle 

Electric rickshaws are particularly efficient in urban areas where 50% of the trips are less than 3 kilometers. The rickshaw is part of the e-bikes category. Thanks to this, it has access to road traffic lanes, but also to cycle paths and to pedestrian areas.

This accessibility makes it the most efficient vehicle in towns.


  • The pedicab: an ecological vehicle

It removes totally all kinds of noises and polluting nuisances. Did you know that replacing a thermal vehicle by a rickshaw represents an economy of one ton of CO2 per year and per vehicle.

1 Yokler = 1 ton of CO2 saved per year !


  • The pedicab: a very economical vehicle 

The rickshaw turns out to be a winning bet also economical !

Maintenance costs of those vehicles are largely reduced compared with a van or even a car: maintenance, fuel, taxes, fines, time lost in traffic jams…  Otherwise, running an electric rickshaw doesn’t require any type of autorization neither a driving license. 



  • The pedicab: soon one of the few authorized to move freely in town 

Within 10 years, 70% of city centers will be closed to cars. Indeed, the project “Paris 100% Vélo” of Anne Hidalgo (Paris’ mayor) or the closure of the peninsula of Lyon (city center) are far from being isolated cases. This pedestrianization of cities, already widely assumed in Europe and especially in Brussels and London, tends to generalize in coming years. It is becoming pretty much impossible to move and park in towns.

In this context, how to adapt to those new constraints of urban travels?

–> Electric pedicabs appear as THE solution to meet the challenges of urban mobility in a simple and efficient way. 


→ Find here the 7 reasons to use an electrically assisted rickshaw 


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Electric pedicab Yokler X


The Yokler X is much more than a simple rickshaw; its patented technologies make it to be the only modular pedicab on the market. It is able to transport both people and goods 

It allows you to developp your activities around different jobs

  • Transporting people
  • Tourism 
  • Goods delivery 
  • Communication 



Discover existing opportunities created by the Yokler X: 

  • Transporting people with an electric pedicab: 

elderly enjoying an electric pedicab

The number of seniors will double in France in the next 20 years.

This population wants to remain independent and its mobility needs will increase, especially over short distances (going to the hairdresser, at the doctor, etc.).

The Yokler X pedicab is perfectly adapted to the daily trips of seniors; it is secure, very flexible and very friendly.

The Yokler X stands out as the leader of taxi bike for transporting people. It is not only an efficient way of moving perfectly suitable for the elderly, but also a social link builder: Avoiding, at the same time, the isolation of seniors


  • Tourists transportation with an electric pedicab: 

Globally, tourists are no longer just looking for travels but authentic experiences that are entertaining, comfortable and secure.

The Yokler X allows everyone to move at slow pace in city centers, to take breaks; the pleasant seating and the beautiful perspective makes the most of the tourists rides.

More than a visit, a personalized experience is offered on a Yokler X.

  • Goods transportation with an electric pedicab: 

Electric pedicab for goods transportation

Most of the convenience stores are now including home delivery in their propositions, thereby, new problematics are appearing: the significative increase of traffic in urban areas and its very large impact on the environment. The urban delivery sector is currently experiencing a 15% increase per year


In parallel, the city centers are turning pedestrian and the circulation of polluting vehicles is gradually prohibited. That is the famous “Last mile problem”!


The Yokler X benefits a patented technology, called the “Banquette Magique” (the magical bench) that allows it to evolve from a taxi bike to a cargo bike in few seconds.

This feature allows you to increase your income by proposing eco-responsible deliveries whenever you are not transporting people.

  • Communicating with an electric pedicab: 

Electric pedicab for communication

The pedicab is one of the only traveling media allowed in city centers.

It’s wide customizable surface of over 7 square meters and the large number of contacts generated are making it an essential media in urban areas.

The values and image conveyed by the Yokler X are always extremely positive for the announcer (ecology, proximity and originality). All those assets make it and exceptional media, perfect for proximity communication.

By selling your advertising space, you generate an important additional income that will participate in the success of your business !

You want to start a business of the future ? You want to start operating your Yokler X?  


Launch your activity in 45 days, while taking advantage of Yokler’s support and expertise. 

The electric pedicab Yokler X, as versatile as it is pleasant, combines all the qualities to support you and become your best business partner ! 

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