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Mobility solutions with electric pedicabs and cargobikes for last mile transportation and deliveries.
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Thanks to taxi bikes and cargo bikes, the eco-mobility revolution is underway

Did you know that an electric pedicab, whether a three-wheeled taxi or cargo bike, can transport as much as car but while only using a fraction of its energy?

This is why taxi tricycles and other electrically-assisted commercial pedicabs are an essential component of the mobility of tomorrow, whether for transporting passengers or delivering products.

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Kit yourself with the best professional pedicabs and cargo bikes on the market and start your taxi bike and/or eco-delivery business tomorrow!

pedicab and cago bike Yokler U and X
Models : Yokler U serie / X serie

There is nothing simpler than setting up a taxi bike service or a business transporting products via electric tricycle.

Yokler can offer you a large range of professional pedicab/cargo bike for purchase or hire with Made in France quality.

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These people show their trust in us through using our rickshaw, electric taxi bikes, and commercial cargo bikes

logo carrefour
I use an electric commercial cargo bike from Yokler to deliver to clients within a mile from my shop. When it’s not being used for deliveries I park my electric cargo bike in front of my door. My customers love it and I have become inescapable in my district.
logo franprix
We wanted to offer a taxi bike escort service to our customers coming to the shop or leaving with their shopping. It quickly became absolutely indispensable to us, and our older customers in particular are delighted!
logo ups
We employ a small fleet of commercial cargo bikes for our logistical needs in the last mile to Toulouse and in Paris’ 2nd District. The electric cargo bikes perfectly complement our more traditional vehicles. We would love to use them in the city centres too.
logo mairie de paris
We use taxi bikes and other electrically-assisted rickshaw from Yokler for our communications efforts and to promote gentler modes of transport. We help companies to implement this type of transport for environmentally-friendly taxi bikes, particularly for older people.

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Parmi les modes de transports individuels, la marche à pied ou le vélo sont les plus écologiques. Mais dès lors qu’un transport – de passagers ou de marchandises – est envisagé, les véhicules motorisés apparaissent encore comme la solution naturelle. Les voitures électrique, hybride ou au gaz naturel apparaissent comme écologiques. Bon nombre de discours, de campagnes publicitaires ou même …

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Triporteur : les subventions à l’équipement pour l’achat ou la location longue durée

Le gouvernement a annoncé le 29 octobre 2017 l’arrêt de la prime d’État de 200€ pour l’achat ou la location d’un vélo ou triporteur électrique, du moins dans la forme que l’on connaissait. Pour rappel, vu le faible montant de la subvention, clairement pas adapté aux vélocargos ou pedicabs (vélotaxis), nous proposions de doubler ce bonus. Comment évolue cette prime …

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