Manufacturer’s guarantee and after-sales service for your pedicab and cargo bike

Your Yokler has been designed and produced in France with high-quality components. Its assembly has been carried out with the utmost care by teams of specialist technicians.
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Manufacturer’s guarantee

All of electrically-assisted pedicab and cargo bike benefit from the Made in France label and from a manufacturer’s guarantee for 3 years for parts and labour costs to protect you against any manufacturing defects.

  • The manufacturer’s guarantee covers all parts in the structure, and, in particular, the chassis, the fork and the wheels, the speed box, the engine, and the battery.

  • The manufacturer’s guarantee excludes all of the wear parts such as the tyres, inner tubes, chains, gear set, and brake pads.

  • The engine and speed box are guaranteed subject to the limit of a mileage threshold above which certain wear parts may have to be repaired or replaced, this depending on the way in which the vehicle is used (type of ground, driving style, etc.)

  • The exercise of the guarantee is subject to the strict respect of the usage instructions and payloads. It is limited to the product that is the object of the sales contract and excludes any operating loss.


The duration of the Manufacturer’s Guarantee varies depending on use (professional or individual) and mode of acquisition (purchase or hire).
Duration of the manufacturer’s guarantee Purchase Hire
You are an individual (non-professional use) 2 years X
You are a professional 1 year X
Mileage threshold 5,000 km X


To benefit from the Manufacturer’s Guarantee, the customer must first register with the Yokler after-sales service by specifying his/her unique serial number. The customer may choose between:

  • Having the pedicab repaired in one of the Yokler workshops and returning his/her product for overall maintenance, including the replacement of the faulty parts and provision of labour.

  • Going to any other garage or workshop of his/her choice, near to where he/she lives. In this case, Yokler will supervise the manpower within a limit of maximum four hours at the hourly rate of €45 excl. VAT. The costs for returning the faulty parts to the Yokler workshop, as well as those for delivery to the customer premises or the third-party workshop, will be borne by the customer alone.

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Our pedicabs and cargo bikes benefit from the Made in France guarantee.

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