Which government policies bring to an increase in the utilisation of a cargo-bike?

A lot of people nowadays really care about our planet and give a lot of importance into preserving it. Governments are starting to understand it. And some of them put in place policies that favorise the development of electric delivery bikes and cargo bikes.

Let’s check together which are the most effective policies that governments put into effect.

  • Close the city centres to the “internal combustion vehicle”

One of the most effective policy is to completely close the city centres to all the “internal combustion vehicle”. By doing so, no more vehicles are allowed to the city center, exception made for pedestrians, obviously and bikes. Among the latter we find our beloved tricycles and cargo-bikes.

Check here the 13 cities that are starting to ban cars in their city centres.

  • Reduction of the delivery hours

Normal hours of delivery in the city centres can be from 5 to 16. Some cities engaged to reduce these hours, instead of completely close the city centres and block the circulation. What they do? If you don’t deliver your clients with a cargo-bike, or an electric cargo-bike, the only time slot where you’re allowed to deliver is 7 to 11 for example. By doing so, you’re encouraged to take your tricycle or cargo-bike and do your deliveries.

  • Financial subvention

This is one of the most common solution in order to fight CO2 emissions. It’s as simple as it sounds. Whenever you buy an electric delivery bike, the city where you leave gives you a subvention for the purchase. Some examples? Paris offers up to 1.600€, London up to 1.000€ and Berlin offers up to 2.500€ for your freight bike.

You can check the main subvention on Europe in our blog’s article here.

  • More cyclable paths instead of streets

And last but not least, a lot of cities are re-inventing their cities. They cut more and more road lanes and add cyclable paths. By doing so, people get stuck in traffic jams, it takes them a lot to travel a small amount of road and decide to use the electric cargo-bike instead. Is as simple as that.

A lot of governments are engaged on turning their cities greener. By doing so, the citizens can take the most out of their city.