Which place, will the cargo-bike hold in the future of delivery?

A lot of cities all over Europe, are restricting the access to their city centers for cars and vans.

Therefore it makes it more difficult for delivery companies and neighborhood shops, to accomplish their daily tasks and deliveries.

City logistic is a special sub-group within the logistic field. It has some criteria that need to be taken in consideration.

By analyzing these criteria, we realize that vans, today, have lost the first place on the city logistic race, in order to leave the first place in the ranking to cargo-bikes and freight vehicles.

The four main criteria, to fully understand the cargo bike potential, as we can see in the article “ city logistics: light and electric” by the Amsterdam university of applied sciences, are:

  • small and light shipments,
  • high network density,
  • time-critical shipments and
  • sufficient opportunities for growth and innovation.

The future of delivery are the electric cargo-bikes and freight bikes

The reasons are really easy to spot:

  • Electric cargo-bikes are ecological
  • No production of CO2
  • They are highly maneuverable
  • They can access all roads and cycle paths
  • The freight bikes are easy to park, they don’t occupy a lot of space
  • In addition, driving an electric cargo bike doesn’t require an insurance nor a driving license

Not convinced yet ? You must know that all the main cities in Europe offer a subvention for the purchase of a delivery bike or cargo-bike.

This implication shows the importance that governments are giving to the eco mobility and more specifically to the cargo-bikes and delivery bikes.

Some cargo-bikes, such as Yokler, can reach up to 250 kg of payload (driver up to 100kg included) or 150 Kg charge of material, and all in a rear trunk of 1m3.

What we must know, is that the Yokler U weights only 125kg, that really is an amazing ratio weight-payload!

The conclusion is that everyone sees in the cargo-bike the delivery tool that will change the future.

Thanks to its efficiency and ease in drive, it will make your delivery tasks easier leaving you the time to enjoy your life!

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