The bicycle taxi: a wind of freedom for seniors and people with reduced mobility


A tool to recreate social ties and promote mobility

Mobility of seniors: a major challenge for aging

Thanks to the Yokler X, you may offer:

  • More autonomy:
    Thanks to bicycle taxis, seniors are able to move freely without depending on their loved ones. 
  • More freedom to enjoy neighborhood life:
    Go to the hairdresser, the market, the restaurant or meet your friends: these little activities allow seniors to stay connected to the life of their neighborhoods.
  • Better quality of life:
    Thanks to pedicabs, senior users are rediscovering the joys of simple and secure travel.
  • More social ties and less isolation:
    The tricycles can break the isolation of the elderly; in fact, they bond with drivers and share more moments with their loved ones.

The Yokler X, the mobility ally for people elderly or with reduced mobility (PRM)!

Do you manage a nursing home or association and are you looking for a solution to improve the quality of life for seniors?

Discover all the benefits of Yokler X

Your residents regain freedom of movement résidents

Allow your residents to move around without constraints by offering a door-to-door transportation service totally adapted to their needs. Dare the nursing home outside the walls.

A vehicle adapted to social distancing

A comfortable and completely secure vehicle

A simple service to set up

Our vehicles, considered as cycles, can be driven without special authorization or driving license. Employees, volunteers, parents can drive it.

Carrying a positive image

#Innovation # Social bonding #Outside the walls #Well being #Ecology # Intergenerational #Pleasure

Co-fundable by your partners

Have your partners co-finance your projects (mutuals, CCSA, pension funds) in exchange for an advertising highlight on the hull of your vehicle.

The Yokler X: a vehicle designed for seniors


Discover several examples of successful applications:


Vélobulle is the electric pedicab service for getting around Chambéry town center, Chambéry le Haut and Biollay.

Vélobulle in Chambéry

Spontaneous transport in the hyper-center of Chambéry and the Hautes de Chambéry and Biollay districts
Transport on demand within the extended perimeter of downtown Chambéry. The bike taxi service replaced an old bus line that was almost unused and very expensive

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Le Groupe Maurice

Canadian seniors' residences

Association Saint Vincent

Designed to break the isolation of seniors, this project offers them a service of free recreational tourism tours in scooters driven by young people from the municipality. It is therefore a whole intergenerational initiative that seeks to increase the well-being of seniors, while contributing to the success of young people.

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Association of the north of France acting against the isolation of people.

Association TA1AMI

TA1AMI proposes regular visits by a Volunteer Friend to anyone alone or known to be alone. Interventions are carried out in a retirement home, hospital, any social establishment, or even at the person's home. The pedicab can offer secured and comfortable rides to these people.

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Société Saint Vincent de Paul

The Société de Saint-Vincent-de-Paull is a local charity network serving single and needy people.

Société Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent de Paul is present worldwide.
Using tricyles allows them to help people get out of their homes and reconnect them to the activities they offer.
It is also the way to offer a good time to the elderly by offering walks to all those who wish.

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