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Discover all of our solutions for professionals and business owners wanting to invest in an economic and affordable means of transport.
pedicab for passengers

For communities

Offer an extremely local and incredibly flexible public transport system.

Yokler will support you during the implementation of your fleets of electric pedicabs  for truly urban passenger transport.

Our pedicabs are versatile and can offer a multitude of local services: transporting senior citizens, delivering local products, etc. A service that will become indispensable to your community and offer high visibility of your environmentally-friendly actions.

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pedicab taxi service
delivery using cargo bike

For local stores

Kit yourself out with a cargo bike to boost your sells.

In addition to enabling you to efficiently deliver to your customers in your area, it will help develop your visibility and your eco approach.

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For entrepreneurs

Are you looking for a business that makes sense and provides a real service to your community?

Yokler will support you in your tricycle taxi transport company, whether it be in your town or in one of the towns in our network.

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Delivery across
the whole world

We can deliver your pedicab/cargo bike to any continent.

2 years
manufacturer's warranty
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Our pedicabs and cargo bikes benefit from the Made in France label of quality.

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