In how many different ways can we use a cargo-bike?

Every day, more and more, we see the roads of our city filling up with cargo-bikes and delivery bikes. Have you ever stopped a minute and thought about how many different uses can you make of your cargo-bike?

Well if not, we will tell you: the answer is… a lot!

Let’s analyse some of them in order to see where the cargo-bikes can perform at their maximum:

  • Post and parcel logistics

As all of you know, we entered the home-shopping era. Since the arrival of eBay before, Amazon and Zalando later, the parcel logistic became a market with huge potential for all those who owned a cargo-bike. Before, electric cargo-bikes were used by the post service for the letters’ deliveries, today the main focus for freight bikes is the home- shopping delivery.

  • Food Logistics

When we talk about food logistic, we think about 2 main categories for cargo-bikes. Food delivery as we think it for small supermarkets and neighbourhood shops is the first one. The second one is different: more and more people today are starting businesses where they deliver bio meals to offices. Their main way of transport and delivery is of course the cargo-bike.

  • Service Logistics

Service logistic consists on cleaning, maintenance, repair and installation. In fact, every time we offer a service some material is required. And which better solution than let a cargo-bike bring your tools around for you? Another issues that allows the freight bike to perform over its competition is the network density, for both parking and riding. We just have to imagine a municipal street cleaning, that works in a high-density network. The best value for money solution is of course an electric cargo bike.

There are still a lot of fields that may be cited, where the cargo-bike smashes its competition. But there are as well, a lot of field not yet discovered for the delivery bike.

The mobility is continuously changing, but what we know is that the cargo-bike will hold a protagonist role.

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