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Highly flexible and perfectly adapted to the requirements of sustainable development, transport via pedicab is the last integral link in the public transport network for your community.
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These cities and towns have put their trust in us by using our electric taxi bikes!

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We use pedicabs to promote our actions for sustainable development among Parisians. They are perfect for meeting the public and have an excellent image, totally in line with the issues of the Paris Agreement.
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In 2016 we launched a rickshaw transport service called Velobulle. The taxi bikes are perfectly suited to our project because they complete our existing public transport networks. We are particularly aiming at senior citizens who face difficulties in getting around. They love them!
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We launched a taxi bike transport service dedicated to senior citizens in partnership with the association, Un Vélo Une Ville, which helps train young people experiencing difficulties. It is a real success and the service has been expanded to around twenty cities and towns in Québec.
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A public transport service via electric taxi bikes brings countless advantages in comparison with other, heavier modes of transport such as shuttles, buses, or even taxis.

7 reasons to choose pedicab mobility for your community

100% environmentally friendly

Pedicabs do not emit any CO2! They are much more environmentally friendly than any other electric vehicle because they barely consume any energy.

This feat is rendered possible by the vehicle’s great lightness and an optimised efficiency. Thanks to the electric assistance, the driver can comfortably transport up to three passengers without any effort.

Charging the vehicle only consumes a few hundred Watt and only costs a handful of pennies. The material has been designed to be environmentally-friendly and is 95% recyclable.

Highly visible

A rickshaw transport service brings unique visibility to your community’s efforts for sustainable development.

In addition to being a great creator of jobs, it will attract lots of attention and profit from an exceptional approval rating of more than 97%!

No heavy investment

Launching an electric taxi tricycle transport service does not require any special planning. The service can adapt itself to almost all conditions: narrow streets, one-way streets, paved streets, etc.

A rickshaw can travel on all the routes accessible to bicycles, including on the cycle lanes. Three pedicabs can be placed in one sole parking space. There is no need to invest in a garage.

Highly competitive

A fleet of five pedicabs can transport as many passengers as a bus for a running cost that is two to three times less.

Adjustable as required

Electric tuk tuk can transport the public from door to door. Routes can be planned based on demand, timetables, or the time of year.

Essential to the life of the district or to re-dynamise a city centre

This service will quickly become integral to life in the district by offering a highly practical mode of transport, perfect for doing the shopping or getting deliveries.

It is perfect for adding value to a region or estate, and can be combined with the offer of eco-touristic transport.

Very simple on the operational level

Driving a pedicab does not require any specific qualifications, and not even a driving licence. This transport service can enable unemployed youths not in education to reconnect with an activity that makes sense and provides a real service to the community.

The taxi tricycles are extremely sturdy and only require a very little amount of maintenance.

Get started!

Yokler will support you throughout all the stages of setting up an electric taxi tricycle transport service at a high service level
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Needs analysis:

Based on your region and your design brief, we will advise you on a fleet size and the phasing-in of its deployment.


Provision of equipment:

Yokler offers to equip you with the best electrically-assisted pedicabs on the market, the only to also offer a high level of service compatible with the demands of public transport.

Thanks to the Made in France label you will benefit from maximum quality and you can promote an eco-mobility branch near your region.


Operational support:

Yokler trains your drivers as well as your supervisors. We also offer you all the necessary support for maintenance throughout the vehicles’ lifecycles.

All of Yokler’s know-how in the implementation of electric pedicab  public transport services is on offer to you.

pedicab taxi vélobulle Chambéry


Agglomeration of Chambéry

A tricycle transport service allows us to revitalize our downtown and complete the network of public transportation. Yokler accompanies us in the supply of equipment and operational assistance. In 2017, we carried more than 10,000 passengers, all of whom are delighted.

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